Lourdes Avila Uribe
March 24, 2017 5:15 pm
Gaby Vega / www.instagram.com

Can you hear that buzz in the air? That’s the sound of highlighter season just around the corner — and our fave beauty brands are more than ready, like Melt Cosmetics’ launch of their Digital Dust highlighters! Yes, technically it’s always highlighter season, but doesn’t it just feel right to set your glow to 100 as summer approaches?

Melt Cosmetics is one of those cult fave vegan and cruelty-free brands that beauty junkies try to hoard for themselves, but with the release of so many amazing products in the last few years they are quickly becoming a household name! Til now their main focus has been lipsticks and eye pigments, so it’s extra exciting that they’re releasing a new highlighter!

The Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlighter will be available for $39, starting next month.

It will come in three shades: Stargazer, a soft champagne; Gold Ore, a warm gold; and Nova, a warm bronze. The highlighter is a mix of several different formulas including a baked powder, cream, and fluid. It’s silky smooth sand super dewy, so you’ll look like you’ve got an amazing healthy glow that is not glittery.

It looks absolutely radiant on multiple skin tones — positively stunning! We adore Melt Cosmetics’ commitment to diversity and high-quality products at a reasonable price point. If this highlighter is anywhere as stunning as their eyeshadows, (it will be) it’s going to be beyond gorgeous.

Come on, those are some unreal shades and textures! Keep your eyes peeled for an exact release date because we have a feeling that these gorgeous highlighters are going to be flying off the shelves!