Bronwyn Isaac
December 08, 2016 2:48 pm
Theo Wargo / Getty Images for M.A.C

The beauty world and Mimi’s die-hard fans immediately freaked out when news broke that there’d be a Mariah Carey x MAC holiday collection available for the public. Of course, the line has officially launched on MAC’s website and as we imagined, makeup junkies and Mariah’s fans have been drooling all over their keyboards as they clamor to grab everything before it’s all gone.

In her signature fashion, the legendary singer threw the most ultra-glam sleepover with top beauty bloggers to give us mere mortals a preview of the holiday collection. It was the most glittery, shimmery, ostentatious slumber party ever.

And let’s just say, Mimi’s fans were more than excited to get their hands on all of MAC’s luxurious products. Of course, some of the products sold out, but you can still snag a few goodies like the lush loose powder for $39.50!

We’ve found that with most internet launches, Twitter is the best place to find all the funniest reactions to Mariah’s latest business endeavor.

We have benevolently gathered a few of our favorite reactions to the Mariah Carey x MAC launch.

When heart eyes and crying emojis are all you can muster.

TFW you barely grab your favorite products in time.

When you predict it selling out, but you’re not worried.

TFW you notice Mariah put her own face on the bronzer.

When you’re not really that into it, but you have to comment.

TFW you’re already making tutorials with the brand new collection.

When you gotta show everyone your new riches.

If you haven’t already, you can check out the full collection on MAC’s website for yourself, and see which twitter reactions you relate to the most.