Thanks to the recent influx of fashions shows over the past couple weeks, we’ve gotten a good look at what beauty brands like Marc Jacobs have planned for the summer and fall months. While they all look spectacular, we have to admit that Marc Jacobs Beauty’s upcoming coconut-infused collection is making us feel extra ready for summertime. It can’t come soon enough!

Last year, Marc Jacobs Beauty came out with a coconut primer and it was love at first sight. We can only imagine that these latest additions will be just as delightful and highly-coveted! And if that wasn’t enough, you won’t have to wait to long since they’re set to drop any day now.

Can you handle it?

According to Trendmood, the new products in the coconut-inspired line are: a limited-edition Coconut Bronzer for $49; a limited-edition Brush for $78; a Coconut Setting Spray for $39; and a Coconut Liquid Gel Highlighter for $44. Given that Marc Jacobs Beauty is widely considered to be a very high-end, luxury brand, these prices are fairly reasonable!

The Coconut Glow collection will be available online at Sephora on March 31st, and officially in-stores in April! We will be ready and waiting to snatch these goodies up, especially since two of them are limited edition. If you simply can’t wait and need to get your coconut sniffing done ASAP, go ahead and grab the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, today!

Credit: Sephora

Not only will you get a radiant shimmer, but you’ll feel super fancy, as well! Few things are as reminiscent of summer as the scent of coconut products — especially cold day like today when we could commit crimes for some coconut-scented makeup to transport us to a warm, sunny spot — even if it’s just in our minds!