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When it comes to innovations in beauty, it’s fun to see just what the next thing the industry comes up with. We love it when interesting makeup collaborations happen, we love creative packaging, and we especially love anything that makes our lives easier and more convenient, right? And if there’s something we really, truly, seriously love, it’s when beauty purveyors roll all those things into one and then bless us with a sneak peek over on Snapchat! Which, coincidentally, is just what Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek Cosmetics did just yesterday!

It looks like Makeup Geek’s Slim Lipsticks and their accompanying case are coming out very soon, with 20 shades in a range of mainly neutrals!

Credit: Snapchat / Marlena Stell

But there’s a twist! The lipsticks are made to fit into those acrylic cases that makeup artist and enthusiasts the world over use. And not only that, but you can see the color on the top of the case so you know exactly what you’re reaching for!

Credit: Snapchat / Marlena Stell

How convenient is that?

If that wasn’t awesome enough as it is, the cases that the lipsticks come in were designed to fit perfectly into makeup classic Ikea Alex drawer.

Credit: Snapchat / Marlena Stell

For the uninitiated, the Alex drawer is one of Ikea’s most popular items, and in recent years has become the standard go-to storage for beauty junkies the world over!

Credit: Ikea

Marlena let us in on the fact that the cases were designed to fill up the drawer perfectly as you add to your collection, since no one wants an awkward and unsightly gap in their beautiful lipstick drawer!

No word yet on when exactly these guys are coming out, so you better believe we’ll be checking their social media and website on the daily!