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Makeup Geek has been the beauty world’s best kept secret for a while now, but it looks like that is quickly about to change. Their high quality, super pigmented, cruelty-free and paraben-free products are absolutely beautiful and truly affordable.

And now, they’re on the brink of releasing duochrome highlighters that are mind-blowingly stunning!

Everyone collectively freaked out earlier this year when the rainbow highlighter and all it’s ensuing dupes were released, but these are a step above, if we do say so ourselves!

Get a load of those colors!! They are shockingly vibrant!

We are all about having more choices when it comes to the highlighter colors. What’s great is that instead of having just one small product with multiple colors all smooshed inside it, we can really go deep with the colors we prefer!!

And now the question is: What colors are you going to be picking for yourself? Are we actually going to be able to resist going crazy and buying all of them? How do we choose?! And how will we be able to wait for them to launch?

In the meantime, we’ll have to stick to their Duochrome eyeshadow palettes that are TO DIE FOR.

Stay tuned to Makeup Geek’s site to find out when they’ll be out!