Rachel Charlene Lewis
January 13, 2017 6:49 am

We really shouldn’t be surprised when people use bizarre things in place of beauty blenders. It’s an undeniable trend in the beauty world for people to try pretty much anything out, from the bra insert as beauty blender trend to that glittery space rock makeup sponge. But now we have something new: a potato as a beauty blender. Yes, really.

The makeup artist captioned the absolutely epic video,

So you can basically guess how well it went.

Honestly, you haven’t laughed until you’ve laughed at this makeup artist using a potato as a beauty blender. We are so baffled right now!

Welp, apparently when you use a potato as a beauty blender, you’re going to end up with an absolutely hilarious video… but not much in terms of makeup application. Maybe potatoes are best left on our plates, and our makeup left to, well, actual brushes and beauty blenders.

Minus the potato, look how killer these looks are!? We’re fangirling like no other.

Um, YES, please come do our makeup!

These absolutely stunning, model-level selfies, are all the proof we need that so much of good makeup is in the tools.

Thanks for the giggles!