If you’re not already familiar with the wild transformations of the Serbian makeup artist and drag queen Stefan Subotic, then please, let us introduce you to your latest obsession. While you’ll certainly want to take a deep dive through the gorgeous annals of his Instagram, Subotic’s recent Kris Jenner transformation is currently our favorite of his looks.

As evidenced by his popular social media presence, the freelance makeup artist has skills for days and often marries his love of pop culture with unrivaled contouring skills. So, it feels only natural that a love of contouring and pop culture would lead Subotic to the Kardashian-Jenner clan for inspiration.

In order to fully serve up some matriarchal Jenner realness, Subotic appropriately used Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Contour Stick ($18), Illamasqua Eye Shadow ($17), Ofra Highlighter ($29), and other cosmetic faves to achieve the look of the OG purveyor of all things “you’re doing amazing sweetie.”

Once Subotic fully transformed his face into the quintessential reality television personality, he completed the look with a swooping blonde wig. The end result is such Kris Jenner perfection, that Kim herself even gawked at the transformative beauty in a tweet.

Just please, lay your eyes on this wonderment for a hot second.

We know the answer is practice, but truly, HOW does he do this?!

The likeness to her mother left Kim reasonably shook.

To make matters even better, Subotic tackled a few of the other Kardashian-Jenner looks as well.

Here’s his flawless Kylie Jenner look.

Here’s his uncanny likeness to Kim herself.

This is truly an example of extreme talent. We definitely recommend you check out more of Subotic’s breathtaking work on his Instagram.