Courtney Leiva
Updated November 14, 2017

Although we got some amazing Patrick Starrr and MAC news earlier this month (the setting powder!), we are getting an even closer look at the upcoming collaboration.

We finally got a sneak peek at the new makeup collection that every beauty lover will want in their stocking this holiday season.

With a is one-size-fits-all philosophy, Patrick Starrr wanted to make sure his collaboration could flatter anyone at any age.

And this mantra is totally clear through his upcoming collection, as new Lipglass, lipstick, and eyeshadow quads come in a variety of flattering tones anyone can use. The packaging of the products is ultra-glam too, as the bedazzled and elegant design found on each product brings all of the glitz and glam.

But like all holiday releases, this collaboration is limited-edition (available online and in-store from December 14th through January 11, 2018), making it super important to score these goodies before they are all gone.

To give you a closer look at all the amazing goodies inside the Patrick Starrr and MAC collaboration, here’s what you’ll want to add to your Christmas list.

1Patrick Starrr x MAC Lipstick in Patrick Woo, $17.50

Image Courtesy Of MAC

Patrick’s lipstick collection also comes in two other shades that are perfectly pink: Mama Starrr and She Betta Werrrk.

2Patrick Starrr x MAC Lipglass in Mama Starrr, $17

Image Courtesy Of MAC

There are three glosses total, and the other two Lipglasses come in the same shades as the lipsticks.

3Patrick Starrr x MAC Lip Pencil in Brick, $17.50

Image Courtesy Of MAC

Available in three shades: Brick, Mahogany, and Edge to Edge.

4Patrick Starrr x MAC Eyeshadow im Goalgetter, $32

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Image Courtesy Of MAC

This quad comes with frosted and matte shadows.

5Patrick Starrr x MAC Setting Powder, $34

Image Courtesy Of MAC

This odorless setting powder gives your complexion a soft and matte finish.

With products this gorgeous, you’ll definitely want to mark your calendars for this exciting release.