For most of us, MAC will always hold a special place in our hearts. Maybe it was your first fancy makeup purchase, maybe a MAC MUA was the first person to show you how to contour — whatever the case, those three little letters are definitely iconic.

One thing MAC has always been good at its color cosmetics. You know if you head over to a MAC counter, you’re bound to find shadows, pigments, and lip colors in every color of the rainbow. Good news, lipstick lovers. MAC is giving away free lipstick online and in-store from June 15th through June 25th.

Buy any two lip products and get a free full-sized lipstick — it’s seriously that easy.

Shopping for a whole new lip situation, you can get a lipstick free when you buy a gloss and liner, for example.

Or, if you’re still looking for the perfect nude lipstick to add to your arsenal, you can grab three lipsticks to layer and ombré. Might we suggest Blankety, Midimauve, and Mocha lipsticks ($17 each.)

Or get stocked up for summer with a series of brights. We’re eyeing the Rambunctious lip glass ($17), and Breathing Fire and Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick ($17, each).

Don’t sleep on this offer, but just in case you happen to forget you can still take advantage of the Back to MAC recycling program. Bring six empty MAC containers (foundation bottles, nail polishes, fragrance, shadows — anything) and get a free MAC lipstick.

Ah, MAC. You’ve always been so good to us.