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Updated Jan 31, 2017 @ 6:10 pm
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If you’re one of those people that naturally gravitate to pastel hues, you’re going to fall in love with Lorac’s’ upcoming release. The LA-based cosmetics company is launching a new four-part collection inspired by their home city’s tendency to exploit the infamous meal between breakfast and lunch. The I Love Brunch line made its debut at — what else but a luxe brunch in Los Angeles. Amidst delicious mimosas and vegan breakfast enchiladas, Lorac unveiled mint-hued highlighters, cotton candy pink glosses, and a gorgeous eyeshadow palette.

Betsy Hamlett, Lorac’s Chief Creative Officer, spoke to HelloGiggles about Lorac’s new mission and the inspiration for the new collection.

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On what inspired the new collection:

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The I Love Brunch Alter Ego Lip Gloss comes in four shades — Brunch Queen, a pigmented lavender; Foodie, a peachy pink; Pastry Chef, a sweet pink; and Barista, a peachy nude shade.

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If glosses aren’t your thing, the shades also come in the form of syrup-scented Alter Ego matte lipsticks.

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For cheeks, there’s three products: two buildable blushes in Luma, a peachy pink, and Panorama, a lavender. There’s also the Light Source illuminating highlighter in Limelight, a glorious mint green.

Betsy named it as a personal favorite:

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The star of the collection is the eyeshadow Pro Palette, featuring 16 shades in soft yellows, mint green, lilac, and coral, with brunch-themed names like Mimosa, Avocado Toast, and Sunday Funday. How cute is that?! It also comes with a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. This set is sure to inspire you to put your smoky eye tendencies on pause.

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Said Betsy, “Lorac Los Angeles is really focused on making sure that we’re very accessible and we’re very effortless. The techniques that we put together are not really complicated and complex, whether it’s contouring or something you do with pastels. It’s showing people how to create a very simple look that’s beautiful and on trend without it being 18 steps that take 45 minutes.”

The Lorac Los Angeles I Love Brunch collection launches in mid-February.