If you love the idea of lipstick, but often find yourself frustrated with the drying realities of it, then you are now in luck. The brand new lipsticks from Lorac Cosmetics boasts the ability to give you hot and dramatic lip colors, without parching the moisture out of your lips.

The brand new set of Alter Ego Hydrating Lip Stains from Lorac Cosmetics includes 10 different shades of lip stain, each infused with jojoba oil and shea butter so your lips stay moisturized even while serving a look. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice your love of dramatic shades in order to keep your lips nourished. So it’s a win-win.

This line-up of shades provides us with all the colors we’ll need for all the barbeques, pool parties and beach days this summer.

The Alter Ego Hydrating Lip Stains are already available for purchase online for $19 a pop. The shades include: Model (nude), Comedienne (peach), Secret Agent (plum brown), CEO (dusty rose), Headliner (dark pink), Breadwinner (rose taupe), Thrill Seeker (scarlet red), Pageant Queen (plum), Activist (berry) and MUA (black cherry).

As you can see from this swatching video, the colors apply just as vibrantly and smooth as you’d hope.

This just might tip the scales for those of us who love the way lipstick looks, but struggle with dry lips after application.

Let’s have an up close peek at a few of the shades, shall we?!

Here’s the subtle glory of Secret Agent.

Credit: Courtesy of Lorac Cosmetics

We love the daring mood of Headliner.

Credit: Courtesy of Lorac Cosmetics

It’s hard to go wrong with the moody vibe of MUA.

Credit: Courtesy of Lorac Cosmetics

Then again, we’re always on board for a Thrill Seeker.

Credit: Courtesy of Lorac Cosmetics

Finally, we won’t have to choose between babying our lips and going for a lewk.