When it comes to makeup releases, we’ve lost all sense of time — it feels like we’ve been waiting on Kat Von D Beauty’s Saint and Sinner eyeshadow palette for years now, but it looks like it might finally be released soon. This incredibly beautiful palette is a work of art in itself, and we are already imagining all the gorgeous creations we’ll be able to make with it.

This is the most detail we’ve been able to see of the palette, and it’s truly a masterpiece. You can see Kat’s artistic sensibility all over it, with lovely gothic detailing all over the packaging.

We don’t yet have a release date for the Kat Von D Beauty Saint and Sinner eyeshadow palette, but fingers crossed it’s really soon.

The packaging is inspired by stained-glass windows in gothic cathedrals, making all of these shades look like beautiful glass panels. How often do you see a palette this artful? Not too often, if you ask us.

There are 24 vibrant shades in the Kat Von D Beauty Saint and Sinner palette, for endless combinations.

We are so excited that there are two yellows in there. There are murmurs floating through the air that yellow is going to be the shade of the season, so can it be that this will be a summer release? Fingers crossed.

Absolutely stunning.

We’ll be checking up on Kat’s social media pages every hour on the hour until we get more news on this beautiful creation. Can’t you just see yourself rocking these vibrant shadows and looking every bit as goth-glam as Kat Von D, herself? It’s just too good to be true.