Bronwyn Isaac
August 29, 2017 9:00 am

We have good AND bad news — depending on what corner of the world you live in. The good news is Unicorn Cosmetics is coming out with unicorn lip glosses that look like they were plucked straight out of a psychedelic dreamland. The potentially bad news, however, that it looks like this new release will only be available in the UK for the upcoming summer bank holiday. So if you live stateside and have a friend in across the pond, you might wanna ping them for the hook-up.

However, since we don’t have all the magical details on this unicorn lip gloss launch, it’s entirely possible it’ll be released internationally at a later date. At least, we can certainly hope so!

We do know that these lip glosses look like they were crafted in a palace made of cotton candy.

Don’t they look like a makeup item we would’ve dreamed about in junior high? While we don’t yet know the pricing, or whether it’ll reach an international audience, we are already hedging our hopes.

Those of us in the U.S. and outside the UK will just be left to daydream about this launch reaching our shores.

Even when we’re deprived of the goodies, we still love seeing the whimsy inventions Unicorn Cosmetics is cooking up.