Bronwyn Isaac
September 01, 2017 1:13 pm
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A great lip gloss can be used forever. However, sadly, way too many lip glosses trigger memories of high-school days spent loitering Claire’s at the local mall. Which is to say, it’s hard to find a lip gloss for grown women. With this in mind, the Mented Cosmetics lip gloss collection serves an antidote to the sticky and lovable tack lip gloss of our younger years.

For those unfamiliar with the ethos of the beauty brand Mented Cosmetics, the co-founders KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson set out with the intention of creating a smart and chic makeup brand that caters to women of color. And today (September 1st), they’ve just launched their full Gloss for Grown Ups Lip Gloss Collection ($50 for the set, $15 each).

All weekend long (until midnight EST on Monday) shoppers can save 15% off orders over $40 with the promo code GROWNUPS.

Of course, this limited-edition offer serves as the perfect incentive to shell out $50 (before savings) on the Gloss for Grownups Lip Gloss Collection.

The brand shared its excitement for the launch in a press email sent to HelloGiggles,

The new line includes four different shades: Mauve Over, Send Nudes, Berry Me, and Baby Brown.

Mented Cosmetics

Now we can wear lip gloss without living through flashbacks from 10th grade.