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It would appear that there’s no end to the adorable collections coming from one of our favorite childhood brands. Hot on the heels of the Lip Smacker Easter Collection is the Aguas Frescas lip balm line, and it looks mouthwatering.

These delicious drinks are popular in Mexico and border towns, but now you can get the sweet and spicy flavors in a lip balm form. Hashtag #blessed. So when it’s caliente during the summer months, you can get your fix with the Aguas Frescas lip balms if there isn’t a bodega or street vendor near you. (Although you should totally find an agua fresca stand because the drinks are absolutely tasty, especially during the warmer months.)

Not only are the Lip Smacker flavors refreshing, but their packaging couldn’t be cuter. There’s even an horchata flavor, but if horchata isn’t your thing, there are four other options, each more delicioso than the last. The collection includes Tropical Passion, Peach Mango, Strawberry Orange, and Guava Pineapple.

The only way to perfectly describe this Lip Smacker collection is: “Me siento muy…excited,” as Jennifer Lopez famously said in the movie Selena.

Let’s take a look at the collection’s offerings, shall we?

Pick up a four-pack of Lip Smacker’s new Aguas Frescas collection or buy each flavor individually.

Credit: Lip Smacker

The bundle contains the Guava Pineapple, Horchata, Strawberry Orange, and Peach Mango. With the bundle, you won’t have to choose your favorite flavor.

1Strawberry Orange

Credit: Lip Smacker

We can picture ourselves cruising through the barrio (neighborhood) with an agua fresca in hand and this lip balm in our purse.

2Guava Pineapple

Credit: Lip Smacker

It doesn’t get more summery than this combo.


Credit: Lip Smacker

This classic Mexican flavor is as comforting and refreshing as it gets.

4Peach Mango

Credit: Lip Smacker

You can’t go wrong with this delicious flavor.

5Tropical Passion

Credit: Lip Smacker

It’ll feel just like you’re walking the streets of Cabo.