We’ll only wake up at sunrise for two things: a shirtless Ryan Gosling making us breakfast or a Kat Von D Beauty launch. And while we’d love to have both of those things happen simultaneously, it turns out we’ll just have to get our asses up for a makeup launch that is too good to pass up. So set three alarms and get your rooster out, because Kat Von D Beauty is pre-launching a shimmery blue lipstick from her long-awaited Glimmer Veil collection.

And if you’re thinking, why do we need to set our alarms? Why the rooster jokes? Well, makeup lovers, the shade Reverb is pre-launching at 6 a.m., PST. Yes, you read that correctly. So, forget about getting beauty sleep, because this launch is sure to fly off the online shelves quickly.

This is the first of nine shades from the Glimmer collection to launch early, in more than one sense of the word — the lipsticks are actually set to launch online on August 22nd. Basically, the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, Kat Von D’s coveted lipstick. And trust us, this isn’t your ordinary lippie.

This collection features a new formula that looks like “Christmas wrapping for your lips,” Kat told HelloGiggles.

Back in July, Kat spilled the tea about the new lipstick collection, and you’re going to want all the shades, including tomorrow’s launch.

She said,

So if you’re a die-hard Kat Von D fan or are looking for a new lipstick to add to your collection, you’re going to want to head on over to Kat Von D Beauty’s website. You’ll only be able to purchase this early release of Reverb on the brand’s site at 6 a.m., PST.