Credit: Allie Flinn / HelloGiggles

Let me just start this out by saying I am not a lipstick girl. Tinted lip balm? Sure. My bag is full of them. But a full-on lipstick look is something I rarely commit to. I don’t have time to re-apply, or constantly check to see if it’s smudged or on my teeth. Basically, give me dramatic eye makeup over lipstick any day of the week.

So, as a beauty writer, when lipsticks come across my desk, I tend to be very critical of them. I will test them because it’s my job (I know, rough life), but aside from that, I rarely reach for a lipstick in my everyday life. Then the just-launched Bad Habit Liquified Matte Lipsticks showed up at my door, looking all pretty and seductive in their sleek packaging, and I was smitten. Then I found out the price tag, and I was even more in love. Individually the lipsticks are $6; you can buy all six shades for $28.

It should be noted here that out of all the adjectives I could use to describe myself, seductive would be low on the list. But applying each lipstick — even the most neutral, lip-toned shade it comes in — instantly made me feel sexy, like I could pull off some sort of elaborate jewel heist relying on my feminine charms. (I just saw Ocean’s 8, so maybe that’s where this metaphor is coming from.)

I’m sorry, the old Allie can’t come to the phone right now.

Credit: Allie Flinn / HelloGiggles

The liquid lipstick is the first product I’ve tried from the L.A.-based, cruelty-free beauty brand, so here’s my review of the Bad Habit Liquified Matte Lipsticks.

The packaging:

Credit: Courtesy of Bad Habit Beauty

Packaging is important to me. I don’t want to pull out a janky-looking lipstick when I re-apply while out on a date (yes, I am firmly in the camp that putting on lipstick in public is totally acceptable — nay, sexy). When I wear lipstick, it’s because I want to feel seductive. And I love that this packaging looks much higher-end than the price tag would have you think.

The colors and application:

The six colors were designed to work on all skin tones. There’s Mind Games, a bright pink; Center Piece, a rich pink with blue undertones; Broken Heart, a warm nude; Trophy Life, a mauve-y pink; Speed Dial, a rich plum; and Collide, a classic red. I found that the colors applied slightly darker than they appeared in the package.

Here are some swatches so you can see them in daylight:

Credit: Allie Flinn / HelloGiggles

The lipsticks are also very pigmented, so it only took a couple of swipes to coat my lips in color. As I mentioned, I don’t like to spend a lot of time on my lips so this is key. The doe foot applicator makes it super easy to apply, which is a way I rarely describe lipstick. It dries down into a matte, pigmented color. It also feels surprisingly comfortable, given that most matte lipsticks are drying.

Final thoughts:

I’m on a ketogenic diet, which means that I’m eating very few carbs and a lot of healthy fats. Why is this relevant? Because if you’ve ever tried to eat fatty foods while wearing lipstick, you know they’re basically like wiping your mouth with makeup remover. (Read: Oil makes lipstick come off.) However, this lipstick managed to last through six hours of keto eating: a solid performance by any lipstick. I found that it never felt super drying, and it didn’t get flaky. If I had to pick a favorite shade, I would say it’s Center Piece. It’s the perfect pinky-nude color that looks like my lips, only way better. Collide is also a really great choice for a classic red (I received many compliments while wearing it).

The lipsticks are available for $6 each or as a set of six for $28 at or on the Hush app.