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MAC Cosmetics collaborated with 10 influencers for an epic lipstick collection, including U.S. beauty gurus Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora. And guess what? You can get your hands on it right now. When their lipstick shades were finally revealed, we were beyond thrilled to add a new holy grail item to our makeup collection. While the YouTube beauty moguls could’ve created bright, bold shades (like blue to match Gabriel’s gorgeous hair), instead, they made universal colors — nudes, to be exact, that they just couldn’t find for themselves.

Before Gabriel and Laura put on their gloves and goggles to create their custom lipstick shades in MAC’s lab, they were already makeup scientists mixing and putting together their version of nude lippies in their YouTube videos.

“This is my first collaboration, so I wanted to create something that I could wear all the time, and a color that I do wear all the time,” Gabriel added. “I wanted to create something that I was obsessed with and that other people could be obsessed with as well.”

Laura explained, “I wanted to create the easiest nude to wear,” and, like, goal achieved!

So how did they piece together the “perfect” nude lipsticks? Before they could play with their product, they used inspiration boards to give them an idea of what they wanted to create.

He jokes, “I didn’t create the chemicals, but I mixed them together.”

And while Gabriel and Laura love the lipsticks they made for their MAC collaboration, they have been huge fans of the iconic beauty brand since the beginning, revealing their tried and true products to HelloGiggles.

Laura added,

She’s not lying, y’all. She taught HelloGiggles her cut crease eye tricks, and showed us her MAC Paint Pot in action on our FB Live.

Laura and Gabriel have personalities that make you feel like you’ve been besties since middle school, proving that even with their huge following on social media they remain down-to-earth. It’s no wonder they chose lipsticks that everyone could relate to.

You can snag Laura and Gabriel’s custom lip shades right now on MAC’s website. The lipsticks are available for $17, each.