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When Kylie announced that she would be teaming up with big sis Khloe for a second Koko collection, naturally, her fans freaked out. The first collection was a major success, prompting Kylie to add the collection to the permanent lineup, so when news broke that they would be joining forces once again, it was a pretty big deal.

Like their previous collab, Kylie x Koko part two will include four lip colors. But wait, it gets better. This time around there is a face palette with blush, highlighter, and other multi-use powders.

In case you forgot, the collection drops TODAY at 3 p.m., PT.

The Kylie x Koko lip colors, which are sold as a set, are $40. Kylie Cosmetics hasn’t sold a palette this size before, but her shadow palettes were $42 in the past, so we’re expecting the Kylie x Koko face palette to be somewhere in that ballpark.

Here’s a run through of the lip colors:

1Sugar Plum — a pinky gold gloss

2Doll — a perf summer coral that’s almost neon

3Bunny — a greyish mauve

4Baby Girl — a pinky peach

Kylie is rocking Baby Girl.

Critics of Kylie Cosmetics say that her shades are too similar, so here’s Kylie x Koko swatched, alongside previous releases.

Hopefully, these shades become part of Kylie Cosmetics’ permanent collection. In the meantime, we suggest snagging your fave items from the collection ASAP before they sell out.