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If you love cats and makeup, then you’re going to adore this beauty lewk we created — the Kitten Ear Cat-Eye. This eye look is not only playful, but it’s absolutely purrrfect if we do say so ourselves.

To recreate this fun makeup look we did for The Pretty, all you’ll need is nail art tape, liquid eyeliner, concealer, and glitter. Seriously, it doesn’t take much to look like the cat’s pajamas. Even better? You probably already own most of these makeup products, like eyeliner and concealer.

So if you want to spice up your everyday cat-eye this holiday season or in the new year, we have you covered.

Here’s how to recreate this ~pawsitively~ gorgeous eye makeup.

Credit: Author / HelloGiggles

To start, you’ll want to create an outline of the kitten ear with the nail art tape. This should be fun, so get creative with it! We added an extra line between the ear part.

Credit: Author / HelloGiggles

Next, you’ll want to fill in the lines with your liquid eyeliner. If you want to spruce it up, you can skip the black eyeliner and switch it for a bright one. A hot pink or bright blue eyeliner will turn you into a smitten kitten.

Credit: Author / HelloGiggles

Once you’re done drawing in the eyeliner, you can clean up any smudges or mistakes by using a bit of concealer and blending it out with a small eyeshadow brush. (Hey, we still draw out of the lines sometimes.)

Lastly, you can add glitter to your cat-eye (or to the whole thing). This will add some pizzazz and it will definitely jazz up the look if you plan on wearing this during the holidays. This is going to be our NYE lewk.

Credit: Author / HelloGiggles

Your makeup lewk is purrrrfect.

Credit: Author / HelloGiggles

Will you be trying out this makeup look that will have you ~feline~ good and looking good?