Courtney Leiva
Updated Aug 28, 2017 @ 5:42 pm

To be honest, there’s no beauty mishap worse than getting foundation stains on your clothes, and Kim Kardashian has the best trick for getting rid of it.

Okay, so maybe poorly-blended makeup is a close second, but there’s nothing worse than having to toss your favorite top or dress because of embarrassing foundation stains. But before you angrily throw out that pricey liquid product or painfully accept that there is no solution to this frustrating problem, beauty queen Kim Kardashian offered a game-changing hack for removing foundation stains out of your clothes, and folks, it’s pure genius!

While you’re probably thinking club soda (or vinegar) is the answer to this big beauty problem, Kim Kardashian shockingly revealed on her app that shaving cream is the secret drugstore buy that can solve this mistake in a jiffy.

To remove your stains like a pro, Kim simply recommends applying some shaving cream onto your stain. Next, lightly wet or wash your clothes until the stain is removed. But if shaving cream simply is not strong enough, the reality star recommends another drugstore goodie.

She said,

We don’t know about you, beauties but we are totally trying this hack the next time our foundation application gets a little out of control. And if you are a sucker for more game-changing (and easy!) beauty hacks, Kim’s sharing more awesome tips (she’s got one for deodorant stains FYI) on her app that you’ll want to check out.