If ever there was an innovative and exciting makeup brand, it’s Pat McGrath — every single product is an absolute revelation that turns the beauty world on its head! And while the brand’s been teasing their latest muse for a few weeks now, it seems that Pat McGrath has confirmed that her muse is Kim Kardashian. Is there literally anyone cooler in the beauty world that we’d want to inspire more than Pat McGrath? No wonder it’s the world’s most famous woman who gets the honor!

We will get all the details on Kim Kardashian and Pat McGrath’s collaboration tonight at 7 p.m. when E! News airs a special film called In The Mirror.

In the video, Kim will be wearing Pat McGrath’s groundbreaking new eyeshadows, Dark Star 006 in UltraSuede Brown and Dark Matter, and you better believe the soundtrack will be set to Mr. Kardashian himself, Kanye West.

Both Kim and Pat have been teasing us with this collaboration for a few weeks, with some behind-the-scenes looks that look absolutely incredible. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

The Dark Star 006 line is a beautiful range of eyeshadows that are going to be total game-changers, much like all of Pat McGrath’s makeup. They’ll be available on April 11th, so it’s perfect timing with the release of this video.

There are three different eyeshadow kits to choose from: UltraSuede Brown, Dark Matter, and UltraViolet Blue. Each kit comes with it’s corresponding shadow pigment, a Mercury pigment, and Astral White pigment, Cyber Clear Eye Gloss, a Black SmudgeLiner eye kohl, and a blender brush. Both the UltraSuede Brown and UltraViolet Blue also come with the Dark Matter pigment.

Who better to show off these ethereal new shadows than the one and only Kim Kardashian? We can’t wait to see what tonight’s video holds, and best of all, it’s only a few more days left until we can get these eye kits for yourselves!