Kim Kardashian gets major cool points for admitting to a mistake in her collab with Kylie Cosmetics, lil sis Kylie’s makeup line.

On the season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim spilled the beans about a slight snafu in the production of the KKW x Kylie liquid lipstick collection.

Apparently, about a million and a half of the lipstick tubes were assembled with mismatched caps (baby pink) and tubes (Millennial pink). Kimmie was faced with the decision to discard the irregular tubes, but in the interest of saving money, time, and the planet, she shipped them out anyway. According to Refinery29, there’s no evidence of customers reporting the mistake.

This is how the Kylie Cosmetics Creme lipsticks are supposed to look:

We have to say, we appreciate and admire Kim’s honesty. Between running all her business ventures, appearing on reality TV, taking care of two kids, and being a partner to her husband, she’s got her hands full. Covering up a lie would just be a waste of time.

Les swatches:

Kim’s even got her own beauty line launching on June 21st. Naturally, the beauty world and Kardashian fans are quivering with anticipation for her new contour and highlighter kit.

We certainly don’t endorse pitting women, let alone sisters, against each other, but there might be a little friendly sibling rivalry involved, as Kim’s wares will technically compete with Kylie’s. Since Kim’s new products will no doubt sell out in minutes, we don’t really care if the blinds don’t match the linoleum.

The takeaway from all this? Sometimes you just gotta send nudes, even if they’re not perfect.