Lourdes Avila Uribe
March 14, 2017 3:31 pm
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If, for whatever reason, you’ve yet to try Kevyn Aucoin’s makeup — be it mascara, foundation, or lipstick — then you need to treat yo’self to an afternoon at Sephora, friends. Not only are their products insanely high-end and well made, but they’re unbelievably beautiful — just like his new, stunning, metallic lipsticks! The Kevyn Aucoin summer collection is poised to be all about metallic lips and holographic top coats, ensuring that you’ll be in full unicorn-mode for the foreseeable future.

You know us, if it’s got an otherworldly shimmer then we are totally on board! And since this is Kevyn Aucoin we are talking about, this is not going to be your everyday metallic liquid lipstick. This is an elevated and classy collection that will only enhance your natural beauty and make you feel like an IRL supermodel.

The Molten Lip Color Molten Metals are available in six different shades for $30, each.

The shades are called Titanium, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Rose Gold, and Carbon. You can use it on its own or apply one of two Molten Lip Color Topcoats: Cyber Opal, or Cyber Sky!

The Molten Lip Color Topcoats are sheer and will add a holographic touch to either your natural lips or your lipstick if you choose to layer it on. The Topcoats also retail for $30, each. These gorgeous new lipsticks are available now, and you can expect to receive them towards the end of the month!

Shall we take a look at these beautiful shades?

Molten Lip Color Molten Metals

1Rose Gold






Kevyn Aucoin

Molten Lip Color Top Coats

1Cyber Opal

2Cyber Sky

Kevyn Aucoin

Wowza! Talk about luminescent!

This is an absolutely lovely collection, and we’re so glad to see we can order these to make sure they’re are ours. We love how versatile the lip colors are and can only imagine all the different color combinations that will be a blast to experiment with! Head on over to Kevyn Aucoin and check them out for yourself!