Keke Palmer gets real about her choice to sometimes not wear makeup, and we are cheering

If you thought Alicia Keys was the only one embracing more makeup-free moments, think again. Our girl Keke Palmer has been seen out and about sans makeup and decided to address it on Snapchat and Instagram.

In the video, Keke speaks candidly about a conversation between herself and a pal who prefers Keke’s made up, “polished” look.

“One of my homegirls the other day was like ‘Oh, I love everything you’ve been doing with your fashion except like, when you don’t be wearing makeup,'” Keke said. “‘I hate when you be doing your no makeup natural look because you don’t be looking polished.'”
“And I was like, ‘Girl, that’s the gag. I’m not supposed to look polished.'”

TELL IT, KEKE! Side note: we love a good venting session. Remember when she went IN on her hair haters?

“That’s the problem, everybody’s walkin’ around trying to be polished 24/7 that shit is fake as fuck. No offense because definitely the diva persona is appreciated. When I think about people like Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, or Whitney Houston — of course, that is something that’s beloved, but that’s not me.


“I’m definitely a diva, but I’m a 2017 millennial diva. And anytime I’m looking rough or not carpet ready, it’s because there’s not a fucking carpet around. Point being — it’s not a mistake to look in your natural state.”

Whether you choose to go bare faced or baked and bronzed, can we all just get a round of applause for a reminder that we don’t have to be polished all the damn time?

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