Kathleen Lights has revealed the shades in the KL Polish spring collection, and of course they are beautiful!

We’ve been waiting for this moment since Kathleen teased the new line a while back. Kathleen really knows how to get the buzz going! Fans and followers speculated on what the colors would be, and they’re finally out in the open.

KL’s colors are interesting because they occupy the space between bright and muted shades. Kathleen plays with earth tones and unexpected neutrals. You won’t see any in-your-face neons or ubiquitous pinks and reds. The new collection is similarly unique. Spring collections tend to be candy-colored, but this one is subtle, but still exciting.

The six new shades in all of their springtime glory.

Heart. Eyes. Like the existing shades, the bottles will go for $8.50 a piece.

A pale green with a warm undertone like “Pistachio Ice Cream” flatters a wide range of skin tones.


“Coconut Milk” inspired this soft white shade.

We repeat, yum.

And the award for best name in the collection goes to…”Thats What She Said.”

Rose gold is everywhere but rose silver is unique and unexpected.

Yassss, “Miss Honey” is so freakin’ sweet.

KL serving up some Lana Del Realness in this pic.

Periwinkle blue “St. Clair” will get like, thousands of reblogs on Tumblr.

The brightest shade in the collection, it’s still neutral enough to go with any outfit.

Light lavender “Hug and Roll” looks like delicate spring flowers in the early morning light.

Grab the new KL Polish spring shades for $8.50 each when they come out on April 12th!