Bronwyn Isaac
March 17, 2017 3:30 pm
Kat Von D /

The queen of teasing her followers with pretty looking promises has previewed her Kat Von D Saint and Sinner candles on Instagram. So now we are all imagining the sweet scent of candles lovingly crafted by Kat Von D and her cats.

The preliminary sketches on Instagram fall in line with Kat Von D’s gothic style, featuring ornate curling art nouveau edges and borders laced with skulls. We’re hoping this means the Saint and Sinner candles will look and smell (in a good way) as dramatic her cathedral-inspired Saint and Sinner palette.

We imagine these candles will be perfect to light at a trendy wake, or during a morbid but sensual date night.

Few things go together better than fire and human skulls, just ask Ed Hardy.

We can already envision how delightfully spooky these candles will look with fire lighting up the skull shadows.

Hopefully, there will still be Kat Von D candles left to burn at our Halloween celebrations while dimming the lights.

We’re unsure when exactly these candles will be finished, but we have faith in the speedy dark magic (work ethic) of Kat Von D.

Our bedroom altars are ready to add another addition to the team of creepy candles.