Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Feb 23, 2017 @ 1:21 pm
Kat Von D Beauty UK Launch Meet & Greet
Credit: Jack Taylor / Getty Images for Kat Von D Beauty

You’d think that once you perfected a lipstick formula like Kat Von D Beauty has perfected their liquid lipstick collection, you’d slack off a bit on everything else — but we’re so glad that’s not the case! We’ve just gotten a look at some gorgeously vibrant swatches of Kat Von D Beauty’s upcoming limited-edition Rock Candy collection, and we are pumped to see that it’s as beautiful as it gets. And not only do we get a sneak peek at these gorgeous shades that are to come, but Kat very graciously gave us the low down on how she’s working hard to improve the formulas for her other lipstick lines as well!

Aren’t they just too much!? We are living for how perfectly the packaging matches the lipstick shade itself. You’d think that would happen more often in the beauty world, but it’s actually a rarity and makes it that much more special!

Kat goes on to explain that she’s been working with the head of Product Development to drastically improve the Studded Kiss lipstick line formula. She’s going to relaunch the entire collection next year with this upgraded formula that is going to be a total game-changer, along with adding some new shades! We’re talking high pigmentation, smooth application with no dragging, full coverage, and extra long-wear to last you all day.

We love Kat’s transparency and her hard work and drive to constantly improve upon her previous work. Her fans are grateful too, as evident by the joyful comments in her post!

Credit: Kat Von D /
Credit: Kat Von D /

We couldn’t agree more!

The double news of seeing these gorgeous new lipsticks and knowing that they’ll be a test run for a new Studded Kiss formula is almost too good to be true! We’ll be living off this high for a while. Have you tried the current Studded Kiss lipsticks? Do you think the formula is due for an upgrade? Judging from the looks of the Rock Candy lipsticks, it seems like it’ll only make them even more beautiful than they already are!