Is it possible that no brand has created more cult products than the brilliant minds at Kat Von D Beauty? As if the sheer number of must-have products they’ve developed weren’t enough of a feat, one of their most coveted lipstick shades, Lolita, is coming out as a cheek and eye blush. Devotees can rejoice knowing that this universally flattering rosy pink shade can now be used all over our precious little faces.

You can already get this beloved shade in the form of an Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, A Studded Kiss Lipstick, and an Everlasting Lip Pencil, so it makes sense that they’d round out the collection.

The Lolita Cheek and Eye Blush will be available for a limited time at Sephora next month.

We need to see swatches of this immediately. How stunning will a monochromatic Lolita pink makeup look appear on your darling visage? We can’t stand it.

Fans of Kat Von D Beauty the world over are pumped at this news, and we’re right there with them.

Credit: Kat Von D Beauty /
Credit: Kat Von D Beauty /

It doesn’t matter that we just learned about its existence, we are more than ready and waiting for the Lolita Cheek and Eye Blush.

We aren’t even worried about how it’ll look on our actual skin. Kat’s products are always highly pigmented with a huge color payoff that looks positively vibrant. Her cruelty-free and vegan formulas are as good as it gets.

Are you as excited as the rest of the planet (we included) about the impending arrival of a new Lolita product? There’s no denying that it’s an insanely beautiful and flattering rose shade, and it’s that delicious shade of pink that’s just perfect for a lush, lusty hot summer night. We’ll be turning up the romance with this baby all season long.