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The holidays are upon us, and with them, holiday travel — and while beauty lovers have been planning their party looks for weeks now, not everyone wants to travel with the entire contents of their makeup drawer. Nothing makes life easier than travel-sized versions of your most beloved products, like the new Kat Von D Beauty Metal Matte Mini Palette.

This palette features some of your favorite Metal Matte shades, including Thunderstruck, in a perfect little package. Your high-glam looks don’t need to suffer just because you can’t bring every single item you own.

The original Metal Matte palette is a behemoth of gorgeous, innovative shades that quickly became a cult-fave among fans of the brand. If we had to pick just one of Kat Von D’s palettes to be shrunk into a travel-size, this would definitely be a top contender. Featuring five matte and five metallic metal crush shadows, it gives you the ability to create high-impact, glamorous looks but it has enough versatile shades to make a sweet daytime look possible as well.

The limited-edition Kat Von D Beauty Metal Matte Mini Palette is now available for $39.

This palette won’t be around for long, and we have a feeling that fans of the original palette will be scrambling to get their hands on these in time for the holiday.

Whether you need a travel palette for yourself or are looking for the perfect little stocking stuffer, you can’t go wrong with these stunning shadows. Head on over to Kat Von D Beauty and pick it up for yourself.