Some of us spend years of our lives searching for the right shade of makeup, and when we find it, we want every product to be made in that shade. So if you found yourself in love with the colors in the Kat Von D Beauty x Too Faced eyeshadow palette, then you’ll be pleased to find out Kat Von D Beauty has a new launch cooking that’s tied to that very palette.

A recent Instagram post revealed that Kat Von D Beauty is releasing a new ~mystery~ product in the metallic red Swoon shade from the Too Faced + Kat Von D Better Together eyeshadow palette ($65). While we haven’t been given any details about what the new product will be, we have hopes and hunches that it’ll be a Swoon-colored lipstick.

As usual, Kat Von D is torturing us with hints and NO DETAILS ON THE LAUNCH.

But we have a feeling we’ll be getting more info soon (at least, we’re hoping).

Wouldn’t the metallic red Swoon shade be ideal to add to our lipstick collection?!

Obviously, this is just speculation. But we feel like it would make sense for her launch. After all, it’s a great lip color, it fits the Kat Von D lip aesthetic, and we want it to be true.

It could, of course, be a single eyeshadow release, or a matching blush color, or really anything.

The sky is the limit, and our curiosity is utterly piqued.

We’ll just have to keep day-dreaming about the possibilities while we wait for answers.