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Some beauty collaborations we see coming from a mile away, while others leave us speechless with excitement and wonder. Case in point: the iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and ModelCo are collaborating on a makeup line that will be launching in early 2018. Fam, this means that thanks to ModelCo’s accessible prices normals like us are actually going to be able to afford this limited-edition color cosmetics collection.

While we’re used to imagining Karl Lagerfeld reclining in a gilded castle with his beloved Choupette, he’s been very active in the collaboration world recently, designing relatively affordable goods that a wider audience can access. His last collaboration with Lord & Taylor as part of Vogue‘s 125th anniversary features some absolutely adorable dresses that are actually in reach, financially speaking.

The Karl Lagerfeld and ModelCo limited-edition collection will feature cruelty-free products as is ModelCo’s way, and out of respect for Choupette, queen fashion cat.

We are going to be hunting down clues as to what this collection might contain like it’s our full-time job. 2018 feels so far away, but surely they’ll be dropping sneak peeks as we get closer, right? Surely they won’t torture us with anticipation all summer long.

Any guesses on what the collection might contain? We are hoping for some elegant, timeless shades with a pop of Lagerfeld whimsy. And since this is Karl Lagerfeld we’re talking about, you better believe they’ll be of the highest quality. There are no cutting corners when it comes to his design aesthetic or high standards.

Naturally, fans of both ModelCo and Lagerfeld alike squealed with joy at the thought of this collaboration, and they made their delight known.

Credit: ModelCo /
Credit: ModelCo /

The success of ModelCo’s collection with Hailey Baldwin might have something to do with getting such a famous designer on board for a new collaboration. It sold out instantly every time it was re-stocked and inspired legions of devoted fans. We can only imagine how well a Karl Lagerfeld collaboration is going to do.

Keep your eyes peeled from here on out because we’ll be thirsty for any drop of information that ModelCo deigns to throw our way regarding this epic collaboration. It doesn’t get much fancier than Lagerfeld, and we’re pleased as punch to know we’ll be able to rock some of his creations on a more reasonable budget.