She’s been America’s Sweetheart for the past three decades, so it’s no surprise that Julia Roberts is People‘s Most Beautiful Woman for the fifth time! The lovely and charming actress opened up about her past makeup struggles, and if you have ever gone toe-to-toe with a liquid eyeliner, then you’ll relate!

Julia is famously low-maintenance and has always embraced her natural beauty, so it makes sense that one of the beauty world’s most difficult to master makeup products was at one time her nemesis! Luckily for her, she’s so radiant that even a huge liner faux pas couldn’t dull her luminous shine. Seriously, has anyone aged more flawlessly than Julia? She is every bit as beautiful as she was when Pretty Woman swept the nation up in her charms.

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Julia recounted her very first time attempting to use liquid eyeliner, and let’s just say that it has us feeling a bit better about our own failed attempts!

She told People Magazine (which was featured on Snapchat Discover),

Who among us hasn’t had at least one seriously misguided attempt at putting on liquid eyeliner? Whether it’s poking yourself in the eyeball or ending up with a crooked and bizarrely thick line, those things can be a serious pain in the ass! It’s all about practice.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Despite her liquid liner fails, Julia has gone on to reach iconic levels of beauty in her life. Her hair alone makes her a beauty legend that must be protected at all costs!

You can check out the rest of Julia’s interview over at People, and we can all find a bit of sisterly solidarity in our universal makeup struggles. Stars, they’re just like us!