Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Mar 30, 2017 @ 3:35 pm

It’s Jerrod Blandino sneak peek time again — our very favorite time of day! Too Faced is teasing something special that’s headed our way, and it’s so creamy and delicious looking that we have to remind ourselves that it isn’t actually edible! Jerrod’s been giving us behind-the-scenes looks more often than usual lately, and that’s saying a lot! We can only imagine that it means that there are a ton of new and exciting products headed our way.

We are obviously beside ourselves trying to figure out what all these little looks could possibly mean, especially since we know that there are quite a few line expansions and collaborations in the works over at Too Faced.

Is that my morning smoothie?

Our best guess is that it’s part of the Sweet Peach Collection expansion that Jerrod has been working on. It could be a concealer, but we have a feeling that it’s most likely a foundation. That said, it could literally be anything and your guess is as good as ours!

Whatever they are, they’re extremely reminiscent of this little video that Jerrod posted a couple days ago. They must all be the same thing!

Peaches and cream, indeed!

Do you find all these sneak peeks exciting or overwhelming? It’s so much to process and anticipate, but expert beauty junkies like us are well-practiced in keeping our cool when it comes to impending new products. (LOL, we have literally never kept our cool in any situation, ever.)

Keep those eyeballs open and trained squarely on Too Faced and Jerrod Blandino’s social media accounts, because you never know when he’ll give us another little sneak peek or even actual information on what’s headed our way!