Lourdes Avila Uribe
December 19, 2016 11:01 am
Harry Langdon / Getty Images

If there ever was anyone who embodied the glitz and glamor of old Hollywood, it was Zsa Zsa Gabor — and we were all deeply saddened to hear of this lovely legend’s loss over the weekend. Tributes have been pouring in, including one from Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced Cosmetics, who posted a lovely Instagram in honor of Zsa Zsa’s memory. As if 2016 hasn’t been rough enough it had to take one more beautiful soul!

The Hollywood icon was beloved for her elegance, style, wit, bravado, and charm. She was a real class act who understood the power that lies in femininity and beauty.

Jerrod shared a photo of an eyeshadow from Too Faced’s first collection that was inspired by and named after Zsa Zsa. We can’t think of a more perfect way to honor such a special woman who loved makeup.

That beautiful pink sparkle captures her essence perfectly. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Too Faced brought the shadow back as a tribute to her memory?

We’re going to miss Zsa Zsa’s epic pearls of wisdom. She always knew the right thing to say no matter what the occasion.

That perfect blonde hair was like a halo surrounding her beautiful, ethereal face.

Yet, another icon who knew that pink is powerful!

Her glamor was unmatched and we’ll never again see anyone quite like her. It’s only natural that beauty lovers everywhere are taking her loss particularly hard.

Do you have a favorite Zsa Zsa quote? We think ours has to be:

Rest in peace, Zsa Zsa, you will be remembered around the world by all people who love makeup, pink, poodles, and power just as much as you do!