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Okay, this is a sticky situation.

Estée Lauder just acquired Too Faced Cosmetic in their biggest acquisition to date. For a mere $1.45 billion, Estée Lauder just added the beauty brand to their roster, joining the ranks of MAC, Becca Cosmetics, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Tom Ford, and Tory Burch. Our entrepreneurial spirit is like, “You go, Jerrod Blandino!” but we can’t help but wonder about the future of our beloved brand.

Fans were quick to ask if TooFaced’s anti-animal cruelty policies would stay the same. Too Faced’s Co-founder and our BFF-in-our-heads, Jerrod Blandino, was quick to clear up any misunderstandings via Instagram. In his post, he assured the TooFaced family that he would remain loyal to his principles.

He wrote:

“#CrueltyFreeForLife,” Blandino captioned in an Instagram post right after the news broke Too Faced would now be part of the Estée Lauder brand.

Here’s where it gets sticky: While TooFaced won’t test on animals, Estée Lauder does, as so do some of the brands under their umbrella. Wouldn’t TooFaced then be inadvertently supporting testing on animals?

We can only hope that TooFaced’s stance on animal cruelty rubs off on Estée Lauder. Not to mention, we really, really want the brand to stay fun, flirty, and feminine! Jerrod, please keep Too Faced’s cute packaging!

Is Estée Lauder’s acquisition of TooFaced a total turn-off or is everything still Peachy?