Credit: James Charles /

We all know that Rihanna’s legendary pop ballad Diamonds was actually written about the glittering makeup artists on Instagram. So when we saw CoverGirl’s first Coverboy James Charles holding an Anastasia Beverly Hills custom eyeshadow palette, we felt it was a true manifestation of Rihanna’s call to shine like a gem.

Most of us have already been lusting over the shades in the up-and-coming Anastasia Beverly Hills blush palette, which will be released into the wild this summer. But now, we have James Charles teasing us with Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow shades in a brand new custom black palette, to further our fall into wishful oblivion.

We have a feeling James Charles received these new summer eyeshadow shades early, because that’s what happens when you shine bright like a Coverboy diamond. Although, we’re pretty sure some of those shadows are his because he did mention that a few shades were from our beloved ColourPop Cosmetics.

We’ve REALLY got our eyes fixed on that handy custom case, and it apparently holds 35 shadows. Don’t think we didn’t notice James serving some unbeatable nails right there.

If our suspicions are correct, James is teasing us with some of the brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows that will be released in summer 2017!

Luckily, we’re already at the end of April, so summer is sooner than it feels like.

At this point, it looks like we’ll have to be patient, or get James to send us his glittery crumbs.