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We’re always on the lookout for new cosmetics that address multiple concerns — we are busy people and we want to simplify our routines, not add to them! So when a product like IT Cosmetics’ Confidence In A Compact comes around, we take notice! IT Cosmetics’ newest foundation is their first ever solid serum foundation, meaning it’s a serum that they’ve combined with pigments and SPF 50+ to make a full coverage foundation. Minds, blown!

This takes three separate products, serum, sunscreen, and foundation, and combines it into a single powerhouse — now that’s a game changer! We’ve certainly not seen a product quite like this one, so we’re definitely itching to try it out.

The foundation was created with groundbreaking solid serum technology and high-performance anti-aging ingredients.

A product like this takes years to develop, and for good reason! Lots of science goes into making a truly high-quality product that will yield results, especially one that performs multiple functions.

Confidence In A Compact is available in seven different shades for $38.

Credit: IT Cosmetics

It was created with IT Cosmetics’ Anti-Aging Armour Regenerative Concentrate that drenches your skin in moisture, restores visible radiance, and reduces the appearance of pores, discoloration, lines, and wrinkles. It’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin, while it heals and restores the skin’s natural barrier.

You can pick one up for yourself at Ulta, and enjoy all the benefits of a serum and SPF right in your foundation! Would you ditch your serum and SPF for this compact? We can’t think of anything more convenient.