Credit: Nikkie Tutorials

I absolutely do not remember Halloween makeup tutorials being this lit. Outside of a nose covered in eyeliner and a few drawn on whiskers I’ve never delved into any Halloween related glam. This holiday isn’t exactly one of my faves, but I can honestly say I cannot for the life of me remember a previous year where the makeup tutorials were so over-the-top amazing. I just might have caught the Halloween spirit.

Nikkie De Jager has been my imaginary BFF since her viral Power of Makeup video. Around that time my skin was at its absolute worst and it was really inspiring to see someone go without makeup and embrace their imperfections. For Halloween, Nikkie has been rolling out some of her best vids yet, including a terrifying clown and this really intricate half-demon look. She describes this look as “a girl who is possessed by a demon and if you pull the skin up you can see the demon underneath.” The effect was inspired by fellow MUA @artbybmazz who did a similar look revealing a pumpkin demon.

First, Nikkie hides her brows with a glue stick — an old school drag queen technique.

Credit: Nikkie Tutorials

She applies some glue, brushes it with a toothbrush, and repeats these steps until all the hairs are brushed upwards and completely flat against her skin. Next, she covers them with a heavy dose of powder to make them nearly invisible.

She then uses a brow pencil to map out where the demon side will be.

Credit: Nikkie Tutorials

After that, she grabs red water activated paint and goes IN!

Credit: Nikkie Tutorials

Now that she’s got the paint down, she sets it in place with a red shadow, then adds black shadow to add depth to the demon.

Credit: Nikkie Tutorials

(Sadly “depth to the demon” is not a cool band name but it really should be.)

Credit: Nikkie Tutorials

To keep the demon from looking like what Nikkie calls “a red pancake,” she adds a little white around the eye, a sculpted Maleficent-grade cheekbone, and a defined temple.

This is when it starts to get creepy.

Credit: Nikkie Tutorials

Now she uses brow shadows to create the wrinkles, highlighting and blending them to get a realistic effect.



Watch the whole video below: