Lourdes Avila Uribe
February 07, 2017 2:02 pm
Trendmood / www.instagram.com

We really can’t think of a beauty brand better suited to creating a perfect summer line than our darling friends over at Too Faced Cosmetics — their romantic, dreamy aesthetic is the perfect match for the impending season! We’re so pumped to find out exactly what they’ll be releasing for their upcoming summer collection and we have a feeling you will be too!

Technically, it’s just three products that are being released, but they’re so versatile that it feels like much more! We’ve seen them in sneak peeks here or there on social media thanks to Jerrod Blandino, but knowing for sure that they’re headed our way this spring feels extra exciting!

We love seeing them all together like that, don’t you? What did we do before Trendmood? Thank goodness for the internet and the ability to allow ourselves to get completely obsessed with upcoming products before they’re released!

Here’s what’s headed our way:

Love Light highlighters in three different shades.

The Blinded by the Light highlighter comes in silver packaging, Ray of Light is a light pink highlighter that comes in metallic pink packaging, and You Light Up My Life is a gold highlighter that comes in a gold packaging.

The Natural Love Palette.

We are over-the-moon excited to try out this new palette — it truly captures the essence of all things summer romance! This is gonna be one of the best eyeshadow palettes of the year!

6 new Melted Matte Lipstick Shades.

We have fully passed on from the anticipation of getting our hands on these gorgeous new lipsticks. Not only are the pinky purple shades absolutely to die for and ideal for spring/summer, but the addition of that vibrant teal green pushes it over the top into iconic territory. Only a genius like Blandino could pull something like this off, do you think it’s fair to send him our blood pressure medication bill? Because we can’t handle this much beauty!

You’ll be able to get these gorgeous products starting on March 9th, which all things considered isn’t too far off! Just daydreaming about one day having a chance to use these will get us through our current national nightmare. If you need a lil something in the meantime to keep you busy til then, head on over to Too Faced Cosmetics and take a gander!