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If you have medium or deep skin tones and have ever been told to “just use a shimmery blush as a highlight,” this news is for you. Huda Beauty’s new highlighter palette was designed to flatter tan and deep skin tones and we are here for it.

It’s no secret that people of color haven’t had tons of makeup options, and highlighting products can be particularly difficult if you have anything but a porcelain complexion. Certain shades simply don’t show up, others appear way too stark and pale against deeper skin tones.

That’s why we’re so excited about this new launch. The Bronze Sands 3D Highlighter Palette is the newest in Huda Beauty’s lineup of highlighting kits, and it’s packed with stunning shades of gold and bronze that’ll give you that “I-just-went-on-a-fabulous-beach-vacation” kind of glow. According to the brand, the four powder shades were created with teeny light-reflecting pearls to impart that beautiful glow.

Each included shade is named after a sunny destination and serves a specific function.

Credit: Courtesy of Huda Beauty

Don’t mind us, we’re just out here swooning over those rich shades.

Credit: Courtesy of Huda Beauty

The fact that this product was made especially for complexions that are not always acknowledged by the beauty industry? Well, that just makes it even more beautiful.

This is palette will launch on February 16th for $45. Not too long before we can get our hands on this stunning, and inclusive highlighter palette.