Let Hourglass Cosmetics's new lipstick unleash your inner femme fatale

Let’s face it: Old Hollywood femme fatales, with their dramatic cat-eyes, striking long lashes, and bold sexy lips, always had the best beauty looks. (We’re looking at you, Rita Hayworth!) So, if you have been dying to unleash your inner femme fatale, know that Hourglass Cosmetics’s new lipstick will definitely have you looking like the screen siren you’ve always wanted to be.

Perfect for makeup lovers who want to make a bold lip statement, the new Hourglass Cosmetics Ultra Slim High-Intensity Lipstick, $34, is definitely the game-changing lipstick you need in your life. The new product includes a whopping 3o shades that won’t smudge or dry out your lips.

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And probably the coolest thing about this Hourglass lipstick is the sick packaging, as each lipstick comes in a super glamorous gold case, making you look just as sexy and mysterious as Veronica Lake.

The sleek gold applicator also allows you to control the application. It will help you accentuate, contour, and define your lips. The best part? The luxurious gold packaging can be used interchangeably with the full collection of Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick because you can buy the refills of the lipsticks separately!

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In other words, each Hourglass Cosmetics Ultra Slim High-Intensity Lipstick is refillable. So you can fill that gorgeous gold tube with all kinds of alluring shades. The refillable lipsticks are $22 each.

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We don’t know about you guys, but we’re already eyeing this lippie for all sorts of sexy fall looks.

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If you are looking for a show-stopping lipstick, be sure to pick up this gorgeous beauty and refill it to your heart’s desire.

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