Please don’t wear too much highlighter when you get your driver’s license pic taken — this is what happens

Highlighter is a beauty product sent from the heavens and should be worshipped as such. Sadly, there are some situations in which the magical highlight can give you too much of a glow. Beauty guru Bretman Rock proved this when he wore his usual amount of highlighter to get a new driver’s license photo and while he certainly is glowing, this is the wrong kind of glowing.

The Hawaii-based beauty guru normally douses his face in highlighter, putting it on every imaginable spot (including his ears), so naturally he showed up to the DMV with a fully done face. Despite feeling cute, though, the photo did not turn out as planned. Rock posted a pic of his new license to Instagram with the caption:

“Don’t ever wear too much Highlighter when you take your Drivers License you’ll look a hot shiny mess ? can you believe I thought I looked cute and killing it.”

Rock is no stranger to hilarious IDs, and could probably beat most people in a game of Who Has The Most Ridiculous ID Photo Of All Time? Last summer, he posted photos of his junior and senior year school IDs side by side, both of which are just amazing.

Rock’s everyday highlighter game is an inspiration, but let his driver’s license fiasco be a lesson to all. Everyone knows DMV lighting is the absolute worst, and you have to live with the photo for years, so maybe go for a matte face to avoid looking like a sweaty, shiny catastrophe.

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