Margeaux Baulch Klein
Updated Aug 14, 2017 @ 2:55 pm
Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas
Credit: Getty Images/Plume Creative

As fun as it is to get dressed up in a Wonder Woman costume, what we really love about going out on October 31st is the chance to try some crazy Halloween eye makeup ideas.

We’ve realized over the years that if your eye shadow and eyeliner game is strong, then you don’t even need a costume to look festive. And by painting only your eyes and not your entire face, you avoid that messy, smear situation that happens after you eat a cupcake while sporting a whole face of green witch paint.

So this Halloween, may we suggest skipping the costume shop and DIY-ing your Halloween get-up with one of these glam eye makeup looks instead?

1Spider and cobwebs

There are a lot of different ways to do “cobweb eyes.” But this is one of our favorites, thanks to the pops of purple and yellow on the inner lid. The cobwebs should be drawn on with a chubby pencil eyeliner to make it have the right amount of smudged and smoky-eyed mystery.

2Bats on an orange sunset

Orange is not an eye shadow color that most of us use on a regular basis, but Halloween provides the perfect excuse to break it out. Try out this eye makeup idea that features black bats on top of an ombre orange shadow.

3Black “cat eye”

This look is not for those of us with shaky hands! Rather, with a steady approach, you want to use a very fine-tipped liner and slowly outline the shapes of black Halloween cats, beginning at the top of your lids and extending towards your eyebrows.

4Butterfly eye makeup

Why should Halloween eye makeup always have to be ghoulish? This butterfly look is more sweet than scary with its yellow, orange, and red shades and black eyeliner-drawn wings.

5Knife and blood eyes

If anyone has ever told you that you’ve got a sharp eye, then this knife eyeliner makeup idea is for you! You begin with a white eyeliner and then layer a black line over it, using red water-based paint inside your water line and allowing it to drip down.

6Orange glitter = Halloween

Sometimes you just want to stand out at the club, and nothing says “going out on Halloween” more than orange glitter eyeshadow and bold lashes.

7Glitter underneath your eyes

Or, if you don’t mind really standing out, then put that orange glitter underneath your eyes, and line the rest of your eyes in purple. If anyone asks what you are, you can always tell them, “Bowie!”

8Leopard eye makeup

Leopard print is always timeless when it comes to fashion, so why not accessorize your eyes this Halloween with some leopard spots? If you can draw an oval with eyeliner, and fill it in with gold shadow, then you can pull off this look.

9Trick-or-treaters against a starry background

This makeup look is impressively intricate. There are three trick-or-treaters (a devil, princess, and witch) drawn against a purple and blue sky with white stars and a yellow moon. Expect to spend a lot of time on the evening of October 31st with your eyes closed if you opt for this design, as people will want to look closely at your eyes all night long.

10Purple and pink bats

The eyebrows are the star of the show in this look inspired by a ghoulish, windy night. First, create a base on your eyelids with a dark blue shadow and blend to the bottom of your eyebrows. Next, draw a dark line from the beginning of your brow to the bottom of your eye. This will be your “tree.” Then, draw a winged lash line and circles on top to create your ghosts. Add in a white moon and some tree branches blowing in the wind, and you’ve created a spooky masterpiece on your lids.


Zebra stripes will turn any basic black outfit into a full-on zebra costume. To achieve this look, create a smoky eye look and accessorize one eye with thick, black eyeliner stripes underneath your eye and above your eyebrow. Voilà! Instant zebra.