Bronwyn Isaac
December 20, 2016 3:04 pm
Samir Hussein / WireImage / Getty Images

As part of her plan to achieve cosmetic world domination by the time she turns 25, Hailey Baldwin’s new beauty campaign for ModelCo just dropped. The campaign features lush soft-lit photos that pair subtle makeup with bold outfits. After much build up, when Hailey’s collaboration with ModelCo first launched a month ago, it immediately sold out to the throngs of beauty thirsty fans. But that immediate success was just the beginning of Hailey’s foray into the cosmetics world and the business side of makeup.

While chatting with Refinery29, Hailey shared her current preference for subtle beauty looks:

She added:

Her latest photo for the campaign shows off dewy skin, indeed, and groomed brows that have become signature to her modeling career.

But also, the beret is the true star of this photo. So much is going on with that hat.

Regardless of what she’s wearing or where the photo is shot, all of Hailey’s campaign photos look how summer feels.

The best part about Hailey’s new collaboration is that it truly represents her style. She told Refinery29:

Of course, the whole point is that fans can now snag the very highlighters that will also bring out their inner summer babies.

This whole campaign gives us cravings for a hammock and some lemonade.