Claire Beaudreault
March 30, 2017 2:50 pm
Kickstarter / Glamour Dolls

Another item in the much-anticipated Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank makeup collab has been revealed, and we’re keeping our eyes on it!

The collaboration between the cruelty-free, vegan makeup brand and the rainbow-riffic haus of leopard has fans of beauty and cuteness freaking TF out. The collection is made possible by a Kickstarter campaign, which has reached over six times its original goal of $30,000. Clearly, everyone’s absolutely quivering with anticipation for these magical rainbow goodies!

Most of the products in the line have already been announced. There’s a unicorn makeup brush (currently available for pre-order for $4.99), a 3-piece nail polish set, lip products, eyeliner, makeup bag, and highlighter. Joining this army of cute are TWO eyeshadow palettes containing six shades each.

lol, same.

The actual shadow colors haven’t been unveiled yet, but the palette names have. Bold and Bright Trapper Keeper Eyeshadow palette and Naturally Glam Trapper Keeper Eyeshadow palette lend clues to the themes of these palettes. Judging by Lisa’s color schemes, we’re not sure how “natural” Naturally Glam will be, but we know that Bold and Bright will be exactly that!

Oh, and the packages look like Trapper Keepers. Great rainbow leopards! For those of us of a certain age, this brings back major nostalgia. Youngins will surely appreciate them, too, because they’re sure to be dope. (These have been revived by now, right? Like everything from the ’80s and ’90s.)

According to Glamour Dolls on the Kickstarter page, the designs are “not finalized” for these palettes.

Kickstarter / Glamour Dolls


Can’t wait to get our paws on the collection!

There will also be a single shadow option for people who pledge $100 or more to the campaign. So if you’re not feeling the palette, this is a great way to still have a killer eye makeup look. Plus, it looks like bronzer, matte mousse, highlighter, and lip products are all part of the $100 or more pledge! For those waiting to see what’s inside the Mystery Trapper Keeper eyeshadow palette, it will be announced on March 31st! Keep your eyes peeled.

To get the Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Trapper Keeper Eyeshadow Palettes, pledge $70 or more to the Kickstarter campaign.