Meaghan Kirby
Updated Dec 09, 2016 @ 11:32 am
Credit: Netflix

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has been on Netflix for a few weeks now and it seems we’ve analyzed every angle of it — from Rory’s terrible interview skills to Petal the pig — but there’s one thing we’ve been wondering: how do Rory and Lorelai have suchflawless makeup all the time? The Gilmore girls live famously unhealthy lives and live in chilly New England but somehow always look like they’ve just returned from a relaxing weekend in Cabo. Such rosy cheeks! Such perfect complexions! We need some answers, stat.

Luckily, Gilmore Girls makeup artist Tegan Taylor recently revealed how she created the Gilmores’ looks. And now we’re going to copy said looks because we wanna look like we just took a sunny vacay.

Credit: Netflix

Taylor begins using a beauty blender to apply Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation, a favorite amongst makeup artists. She then set the foundation with Laura Mercier Loose Powder, before moving on to the stunning blush combination.

1Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation (Sephora, $64),

2Laura Mercier Loose Powder (Sephora, $38)

Credit: Laura Mercier / Sephora

Taylor reveals that she uses a combination of various blushes to make the girls’ cheekbones pop, without going over the top. She revealed that she used MAC Blush Baby, MAC Warm Soul (Macy’s, $28), and Anastasia Glow Palette.

3MAC Blush Baby (Macy’s, $23)

Credit: MAC / Macy's

4MAC Warm Soul (Macy’s, $28)

5Anastasia Glow Palette (Sephora, $45)

- Tegan

6Bobbi Brown University Palette (Nordstrom, $60)

Credit: Bobbi Brown / Nordstrom

As for their lips, she found that the Bobbi Brown University Palette paired well for any look. She said, “I love Bobbi Brown’s University Palette. It has a wide range of colors in it and can be applied either heavily for a bold look, or softly for a subtle, more natural look.”

Taylor also revealed that each look took roughly 40 minutes, which, frankly, is totally doable. Adding these to our makeup must-haves right now!