Freckle Tattoo
Credit: Andrew Francis Wallace/Getty

From stick and pokes to microblading, the world of tattooing has become less taboo and more mainstream than ever. And now, people are getting freckles tattooed on them. Much like the semi-permanent art of microblading, or tattooing on eyebrows to look like individual hairs, freckle tattoos are less permanent than traditional tattoos and fade over time. With major retailers like Topshop selling “freckle pencils,” it only makes sense that someone, somewhere decided to take the look to the next, permanent, level. Most cosmetic tattoos come with a consultation, where you and your artist discuss what you would like to see as an end result.

Although the look starts off bright, rest assured that the freckles fade to a more natural color. Even if you’re not blessed with the freckles of Pippy Longstocking, the phrase is fake it till you make it. And if you don’t totally adore your fake freckles, not to fret. You need to get them retouched every one to three years as is, so you don’t have to completely commit after the first time.

Although this trend isn’t for everyone, we do love how it adds some playful, and permanent, fun to a look.

Who knows, maybe the next “it” model will have her freckles tattooed on. No shame in the game!