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If you are someone who likes to get dolled up on NYE before ringing in the new year with a belly full of champagne and a face full of sparkles, there is a new goody that might be right up your alley. The affordable makeup brand E.l.f. has a new beauty blogger collab, and this time they’re linking up with the popular YouTube beauty vlogger and Instagram famous Weylie to roll out their brand new fake eyelash kit.

The new Luxe Lash Kit comes in a variety of styles so you can ring in 2017 with a glamorous wink.

The eight Luxe Lash Kits includes Maximum Drama, Flirtatious, Starstruck, Winged and Polished, Winged and Bold, Winged and Flirty, Subtle Drama, and Mod Glamour. Each sale online for only $4 a pop!

The new collection of false eyelashes has already kicked off, sold out, and restocked their goods within the last week!

This is almost always a good sign. Unless, of course, you’re late to the game and feel broken and left out.

The build-up and teasers on Weylie’s Instagram have definitely helped create the hype.

Now you are empowered with yet another way to decorate your face as you celebrate the end of 2016 (thank god it’s ending) and the beginning of 2017! Most of the lash kits are available online only, so get your typing fingers over on E.l.f’s website!