NCLA’s latest mermaid-inspired cuticle oil will make your skin as moisturized as a sea queen’s!

According to the Los Angeles brand, the SO RICH Mermaid Tears Cuticle Oil is made of joyful mermaid tears, not sorrowful one! (We were worried there for a minute.)

The Vitamin E infused oil promises to soften and condition dry cuticles. Regular application of cuticle oil will prolong the life of your manicure, and keep your skin smooth and nourished. If you’re a cuticle picker, rubbing the oil into your skin when you feel the urge to pick or bite might be a good way to break the habit. (Plus, moisturized skin leads to fewer raggedy bits to be tempted to bite!)

The Mermaid Tears oil has a summery new scent of Ocean Breeze and Honeysuckle, and a bottle the color of sea glass. Put a reminder on your Mermaid Message Board to pick up a bottle, stat!

SO RICH Mermaid Tears Cuticle Oil, $18

Credit: NCLA

If you’re not the mystical sea creature type, the other NCLA cuticle oils are just as fragrant and nourishing. Try Peach Vanilla, Rose Petals, or Dark Almond to get your fingertips in top shape.

In a press release to Hello Giggles, NCLA’s co-founder Elin Dannerstedt obviously adores the product, saying:

May your nails shine like pearls from the deep!

Buy NCLA’s SO RICH Mermaid Tears Cuticle Oil on their site for $18 a bottle.